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Pogo Stick TK8 Air Pro

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Summer deal:
1 Free TK8 Bag for the purchase of an AIR PRO

From 15 years or 55kg.

The brand new Pogo stick AIR PRO is the most powerful of the TK8 range!

Always wear an helmet!

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399,00 €
Summer deal:
1 Free TK8 Bag for the purchase of an AIR PRO

The brand new Pogo stick AIR PRO is the most powerful of the TK8 range! 


This is a revolutionary pogo stick that allows users to spend the biggest tricks of this sport! The AIR PRO lighter than the BIG AIR model is suitable for users of 55 kg or more. New thrills thanks to its new technology that is specially designed for experienced Riders! Thanks to the evacuation of the air by the particular structure of the leg, no resistance slows the movement of the pogo stick. The glide becomes very fluid, which gives to its user a very pleasant sensation for the practice of this sport and allows him to jump higher and to pass more technical figures. This new TK8 leg is made of very lightweight and durable aluminum, which allows the pogo stick to further reduce its initial weight.
Of course, like the FUN and AIR FUN devices it develops your health capital, by doing cardio work, balance and all the muscles.


So, take the new Pogo stick AIR PRO, the most powerful of the TK8 range in the world!




Recommended age: from 15 years old
Recommended user weight: from 55 kg
Weight of the jumping stick: 4 kg
Height of jumps: greater than 2.5 m with its aluminum leg
Recommended air pressure: between 3 and 7 bar

TK8 Air Pro Video:

Designed and manufactured in France. Raw materials are carefully selected from France and Austria. Each piece is manufactured by TK8 to ensure the best reliability. You benefit from the best Pogo-stick.
The user can start by inflating the AIR PRO pogo stick to 3.5 bar and he can try the device and deflate or add air depending on whether the spring produced by the air pressure is too hard or not hard enough.
Different materials have been used to combine strength and lightness. The TK8 AIR PRO has a weight of about 4 kilos, to facilitate tricks and tricks. For example, the footrest is designed with a resin and fiberglass alloy that is both lightweight and extremely strong. The leg is made of aluminum with a studied form to be able to pass the air freely and without resistance which gives the Air Fun model an exceptional flexibility!
If you are hungry for thrills and enthusiastic about trying such a fun and sporty sport, this AIR PRO jump stick is for you! And if the backflips and other stickflip still do not tell you anything, remember that training is the basis of everything. In addition, the AIR PRO pogo stick is an accessory perfectly adapted to the work of his motor skills and his dexterity. It is also a good training for people practicing circus arts.
For any information,

Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended when using the AIR PRO pogo stick. Discover our jumping helmet TK8 and our different accessories 


Make sure all connections are secure.
All fastener must be tights properly, foot stepper,
Handle-bars and body must be bolted securely.
Do not jump on a surface witch is wets oily or even lightly covered with sands gravels leaves or litter. Using your TK8 too close to other people is dangerous and rude. There is no way to predict how they will reach so back off. Respect their safety and their space. Steer clear of streets, parking lots and any other area vehicles may use. 
Once you have mastered the TK8 it’s possible to bounce so high that the top of your head may be 10 feet in the air or more. Even novices, however, should check for overhead clearance all around the field of action.
SAFETY: Read the instruction on the TK8. The TK8 is a sports device and carries risks associated with its use. Injuries due to falls may occur. Follow the two rules below:
1. Gradually use the TK8 according to your capabilities.
2. Protect your body. Wear a TK8 helmet, or other helmet CE standards EN1078. Wear solid shoes. Protect your articulation by wearing protections.
We disclaim any responsibility for any accident, injury or damage suffered by anyone!

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